Why we need to be looking past fixing our thoughts – Understanding the Mind Brain Body Connection

Welcome to a new way of looking at your life and how to naturally improve it without depending on a magic pill or quick fix.
One of the biggest challenges many of us face on a daily basis is unseen and often overlooked.  This hidden barrier limits our happiness and productivity countless times on a daily basis.  It impacts our personal and professional lives.
Whenever we sense a problem, threat or fear, our mind tells our brain, to tell our body we need to fight or flight.  This is the old stress response in action, but before you click off this, let’s explore what stress does BEYOND our thoughts and emotions.  In the old days, when we perceived a serious threat, like being chased by a bear or animal looking to have us as lunch, our survival mode served us well.  However, in our modern society, there aren’t as many live animals looking to eat us for lunch, but we have replaced the hungry bear chasing us for being stuck in rush hour traffic, the internet going out in our binge-watching Netflix, or somebody not liking a Facebook post of what we had for dinner last night. 
We’re a connected society and the smallest threat, coupled with us never slowing down or shutting off, leaves our mind, body and brain in alert mode all the time.  So with this laid out, let’s look at why I’m so passionate about helping you connect the dots to why you need to look at not only your thoughts, but what the thoughts are doing to your brain and body’s nervous system.
Here’s the short and sweet version – when you become stressed, the prefrontal cortex, our higher level functioning part of our brain temporally shuts off as it’s not needed when in survival mode.  Think about it this way, if you are being chased by a bear, do you care if you are impulsive, analytical, logical, empathetic, emotionally stable or calm?  Not likely, you are in survival mode and you only care about surviving.  Therefore, we can thank our brains for turning off unnecessary parts of our brain during these threatening times.
However, here’s the million-dollar question? 
How do you know if you are in survival mode or not, and if your brain is shut down because you may perceive a threat?  This means you are not working at full capacity.  You are not logical or able to look at a situation and make a good decision.  Your impulse control is out the window, and you don’t care about others.  You may be emotional or have a short fuse.  Doesn’t this sound like chronic stress or living in society where we turn to other vices to either stay awake during the day or help us calm down hoping to sleep?
The good news is the field of Psychophysiology offers us the ability to actually “see” our physiology or body’s systems at work and measure if we are in overdrive and high stress mode.  We can look at your brain, using the EEG, to measure brainwaves, and biofeedback equipment to measure your nervous system.  We can even look at your brain and body before, during and after you “think” or perceive a stressor and tell you how resilient your body and brain are, or how you carry stress.
When most people realize how stressed they are and that it’s beyond just thinking or feeling a certain way, but actually having a physical impact on their health, they take this information serious.  It’s life –changing to see there is a way to be happier and healthier and not depend on a pill to mask your symptoms so you can try to push through another day of life.
We can help you get to the root of your problem or concern, we don’t treat symptoms, we help you learn a new skill called self-regulation, which can help you balance your brainwave activity and your body’s nervous system as it relates to your stress reaction.
For more info on ditching the pills and learning the skills, our method for helping you depend on your self instead of depending on a medication, can be read here in this blog post.
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Kyle Ferroly

Kyle Ferroly is known as the “Mind Brain Dude” Kyle began his career by studying the mind for over 20 years and the brain for the past 11 years. He was always intrigued that, “The brain is the only organ that we don’t look at before we treat it.” – Dr. Daniel Amen Which is what led him to open his center in Wisconsin, “Mind Brain Balance”. “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” – Albert Einstein Through a unique way of seeing inside the brain, otherwise known as a Brain Map, you can see what is going on scientifically to a person’s brain waves. Kyle’s center has helped hundreds learn how to function and navigate through life effectively while under stress. Kyle has now made it his personal mission to teach the masses about this unique insight of why mental health is so important and how our brains react to stress. He has chosen to create this awareness globally to improve the quality of life for others.

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