Meet Dr. Kyle Ferroly:

Audiences crave motivation and inspiration, yet education and awareness are what creates the essential foundation for personal and professional success.  Kyle brings a unique and personal twist by blending what is fun and motivating with what is needed for creating positive change, both personally and professionally.

While most speakers are focusing on the power of the mind, Kyle brings audiences his unique perspective, drilling down past how we think.  With over two decades of education and clinical experience studying the mind-brain-body connection, Kyle’s talks blend Neuroscience, Psychology, and Physiology, helping the audience identify the root cause of their struggle or problem.

In fact, Kyle is known for his controversial signature talk, “Why we can’t think our way out of the problem… in both business and life”.  While most motivational talks focus only on the mind, Kyle’s approach to greater productivity and healthy living demonstrates how our brain can “lock up” and prohibit us from learning or changing old habits.  Kyle exposes what he calls, “the blind spot”, which may be the cause for many suffering and stressing on a daily basis, leading to less productivity and weakened health.   

With his diverse education, Kyle founded The Center for Mind Brain Balance in 2004 and continues to help clients nationwide, focusing on identifying the root cause of our concerns, not chasing symptoms.  He is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Psychophysiology, holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, as well as a Bachelors in Philosophy and Ethics.  Kyle is Board certified in Neurofeedback through BCIA, and C.E.T certified by Mind Alive.

The “mind-brain-body connection” is not part of mainstream knowledge or pop culture yet, which is part of Kyle’s mission to change.  The field of Psychophysiology uses science and technology to easily show people how their mind, brain, and body interact.  The Mind Brain Balance Method, successful for over a decade, takes individuals on a personalized journey, creating a realistic plan for change for one’s mind, brain and body.

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Brainwave imbalances, racing emotions, negative thinking and nutritional deficits can slowly unravel your overall health. 

Kyle’s center, Mind Brand Balance, has helped hundreds learn how to function and navigate through life effectively while under stress.

Kyle has now made it his personal mission to teach the masses about this unique insight of why mental health is so important and how our brains react to stress. He has chosen to create this awareness globally to improve the quality of life for others.

Speaking Highlight Reel

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Signature Talks and Breakout Sessions

Title: The 3 Main Blind Spots of our Health

Talking Points:

  • Masking Symptoms vs. the Root Cause
  • Treatments Vs. Training and why they are different
  • Nutrition intake – garbage in, garbage out

Pain Points:

  • Frequent Headaches & Pain Mgmt
  • IBS
  • Insomnia
  • Depression/Anxiety

Take Aways:

The audience will learn…

  • Natural ways to prevent illness
  • How the brain is involved with each symptom
  • Techniques to calm their mind and improve sleep patterns

Title: The 3 Main Blind Spots of our Productivity  

Talking Points:

  • Work Environment
  • FOMO – Fear of Missing Out and other associated fears
  • The Power of Thought and Negative Thoughts

Pain Points:

  • Most creative types suffer from ADHD – limited focus/Busy vs. Productive
  • Chronic Stress
  • Can’t keep up with the workload

Take Aways:

The audience will learn:

  • Techniques to stay focused until the job is done
  • How to manage stress and recharge
  • What type of work environment is key for productivity

Title: The 3 Main Blind Spots of our Self-Development Journey

Talking Points:

  • What is in our Environment that keeps us from growing (social media, news…etc.)
  • Talk Therapy and Counseling
  • The bigger picture

Pain Points:

  • Unable to overcome negativity
  • Lacking self confidence
  • Stress and behavioral challenges
  • Feeling stalled on their journey

Take Aways:

The audience will learn:

  • How to limit negativity in their life
  • How to use their purpose and passion to stay on the course of self-help
  • How the brain creates patterns that can limit our growth and positivity

Why Hire Dr. Kyle?

  • 20 years studying the mind; 12 years studying the brain
  • 20 years working with individuals and families
  • 15 years running The Center for Mind Brain Balance
  • Diverse experience with client conditions, backgrounds, personalities, and learning styles
  • A belief in creating a foundational framework for change, rather than a multi-step process
  • Able to educate and create awareness of complex material while captivating the audience with humor and realistic goals
  • Business owner, family man, and lifelong student

Kyle's Most Commonly Requested Talks

The Male & Female Brain Disconnect in the Workplace

You Can’t Think Your Way Out of It… In Business and Personal Life

An Army of One – 

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

The Blindspot of Productivity – Unlocking Your Mind-Brain Connection

Check Your Blind Spot

7 Ways That we are Unintentionally Destroying our Health, Happiness, and Productivity

Book Description:

Not checking your blind spot could cost you your life.

The blind spot is a real-life concept which can change in a split second. What wasn’t there a second ago, could show up when you least expect it. This could work for or against you creating a false sense of security as your life may appear to be going in the direction you wish. You may not see any worries or known concerns, yet something could show up and decrease your happiness, health and productivity when you weren’t checking your blind spot. 

Over the past 2 decades, Kyle Ferroly, PhDc, has been gathering data, insight and clinical experience in the areas of Neuroscience, Physiology and Psychology.  This book is filled with facts, not opinions, and will help you identify 7 core blind spots almost all of us face.  These blind spots cause changes in our mind, brain and body where it’s nearly impossible to function at our best.  These 7 core blind spots are at the root of many of our concerns, yet many people only chase their symptoms in hopes to alleviate their challenges.

If you are stressed, not sleeping well, impulsive, lacking motivation and drive, or just want more out of life, this book is for you. Thoughts can trigger our brain, which triggers our body, which put us in the survival mode instead of safe mode.  Almost everybody misses the warning signs.  Almost everybody chases his or her symptoms instead of identifying the root cause often found in that blind spot.