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“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” – Albert Einstein

The 3 Main Blind Spots of our Health

The audience will learn:
• Natural ways to prevent illness
• How the brain is involved with each symptom
• Techniques to calm their mind and improve sleep patterns

The 3 Main Blind Spots of our Productivity

The audience will learn:
• Techniques to stay focused until the job is done
• How to manage stress and recharge
• What type of work environment is key for productivity

The 3 Main Blind Spots of our Self-Development Journey

The audience will learn:
• How to limit negativity in their life
• How to use their purpose and passion to stay on the course of self-help
• How the brain creates patterns that can limit our growth and positivity

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Meet Kyle:

“The brain is the only organ that we don’t look at before we treat it.” – Dr. Daniel Amen… It is this singular idea that has prompted Kyle S. Ferroly to spend all his working hours pursuing the reasons why people struggle with their thoughts, emotions and behaviors. In his own words, Mr. Ferroly has spent a lifetime “trying to uncover why some people are just stuck.”

Kyle’s real passion is showing people how one’s brain health can alter and determine the bigger picture; how they think, act, and feel.This in turn allows many people the chance to understand the root cause behind their struggles and symptoms.

Kyle Ferroly MA has also made an ongoing commitment to always incorporate the latest techniques available.

To that end, Kyle received his Masters of Educational Psychology in 2004 with a focus on Community Counseling from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He is a Master’s level Mental Health Therapist and is nationally certified through BCIA in Neurofeedback as well as C.E.T. certified with Mind Alive, and completed the Clinical Hypnotherapy program from the Robert Shields College in 2005. Kyle has completed his Doctoral studies in the Psychophysiology program at Saybrook University, currently finishing his dissertation.  In addition, he continues his advanced EEG training by partnering with top professionals in the field including Jay Gunkelman, QEEGD, and Dr. Joel Lubar, PhD.

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Positive Reviews

What Clients and Audience Members are Saying
M. Crucius

M. Crucius

“After seeking help from an integral medicine doctor from some health issues I was experiencing, I reached out the Kyle to see if the results I had gotten from the lab matched up with what he could see in my Brain. The mapping process was easy, and Kyle was great to work with. When I got my results from the brain map I was very amazed at everything he could see and how it correlated to my life and the symptoms I was having. I would highly recommend this process and course of treatment. It is a great alternative to conventional medicine and drugs.”

Mike and Barb P.

Mike and Barb P.

…”Thanks to the Neurofeedback program, our son has greatly improved his ability to focus in school (best grades ever). He also has made the varsity basketball team, and perhaps the best news of all, he has eliminated all his prescribed ADD/ADHD medications. Most importantly, his outbursts and quick temper seem to be gone completely”…

Rhonda F.

Rhonda F.

"Kyle Ferroly and neurofeedback helped our entire family. It was a life saver for us. Over the years, we tried almost everything to help with anxiety, attention deficient, OCD, to name a few of our struggles. Not much helped, and if it did, it was a band aid for that moment or day. Neurofeedback, along with other therapies Kyle Ferroly offers, significantly improved concentration. Anxiety decreased, and although there are still ups and downs, the times aren't as intense or as often. And, a 30 year old OCD habit went away and hasn't returned 6 months after stopping neurofeedback. We are so thankful we found Kyle and neurofeedback. His assistants were also so caring and helpful. I cannot thank these people enough. "


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