Why the Sunshine House is important to Kyle

Sunshine House Inc., "creating community options for people of all abilities!"

A large part of Kyle’s “WHY” is in regards to his brother.

Kyle’s younger brother Danny, was born with special needs.  His positive outlook on life and why he’s so happy was one of the reasons why Kyle decided to explore the brain and how it affects your mind and body.

The Sunshine House has been very instrumental for Danny’s development and has been a great outlet for him to connect with his peers in a safe community

In this photo you will see Kyle Ferroly with his brother Danny and their parents while celebrating the Sunshine House’s 48th annual dinner.

Kyle has such immense gratitude for the Sunshine House that he donates a percentage of his book sales to their organization.

Kyle and his family reside in the wonderful Midwest state of Wisconsin.

Sunshine House Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

Sunshine House Inc. was started in Door County by a handful of parents in 1971. These parents wanted more for their children to experience and be a part of and with their determination Sunshine House Inc. evolved into the great organization it is today. We are still operating this non-for-profit organization 40 some years later with the same Mission – of achieving full participation in society of people with special needs.

Since its inception, Sunshine House Inc. has been providing services to Door County’s citizen’s with special needs and disabilities. Each individual who participates in the services offered at Sunshine house Inc. has a unique program designed to meet each individual’s requirements. Circumstances that may have affected an individual include: developmental disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, other neurological disorders and brain trauma.

Direct care services are available to individuals with more intense personal needs and, along with day services, offer opportunities for community outings and a variety of development and recreational experiences as well as prevocational skills opportunities.

It has been the goal of Sunshine house Inc. to provide diverse employment opportunities and day services which develops life skills and fosters independence, allowing each individual the opportunity to contribute to his or her own well being and to the community in which they live.