Dr. Kyle Ferroly has always been fascinated by studying the mind, yet what really intrigues him is that the brain is the only organ in the body not examined before treatment.  After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and losing a 15-year-old client to suicide in his first year of practice, Kyle realized there must be more to helping people than just how we feel and what we think.  He found the answers he was seeking in advanced graduate doctoral studies in Psychophysiology.

Psychophysiology (the study of how the mind, brain, and body interact) explains why our problems are deeper than thought alone.  Kyle has made it his personal mission to teach the masses about the mind-brain-body connection, and why looking at the mind alone is not enough.

Kyle’s keynote talks, books, and training revolve around the idea of providing a framework to implement personal and professional growth.  Kyle founded the Center for Mind Brain Balance nearly 20 years ago, implementing this model for not only Midwest clients, but also nationwide to individuals looking to improve their health, happiness, and productivity.

With his diverse education, Kyle founded and remains President at The Center for Mind Brain Balance.  He holids a Doctorate in Psychophysiology, a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, as well as a Bachelors in Philosophy and Ethics.  Kyle is Board certified in Neurofeedback through BCIA, and C.E.T certified by Mind Alive.  In conjunction with his continued work with individuals and families at his center, Kyle also presents his signature educational talks as a professional speaker nationwide.

Kyle is a Midwest family man, a father of two beautiful daughters, and shares his parenting role and life with his wonderful wife, Cari.  He has a deep passion for supporting the developmentally disabled, as well as being involved in his children’s school.