In his own words, Mr. Ferroly has spent a lifetime “trying to uncover why some people are just stuck.  Kyle’s real passion is showing people how one’s brain health can alter and determine the bigger picture; how they think, act, and feel. This in turn allows many people the chance to understand the root cause behind their struggles and symptoms. 
Kyle Ferroly MA has also made an ongoing commitment to always incorporate the latest techniques available. To that end, Kyle received his Masters of Educational Psychology in 2004 with a focus on Community Counseling from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He is a Master’s level Mental Health Therapist and is nationally certified through BCIA in Neurofeedback as well as C.E.T. certified with Mind Alive, and completed the Clinical Hypnotherapy program from the Robert Shields College in 2005. Kyle has completed his Doctoral studies in the Psychophysiology program at Saybrook University, currently finishing his dissertation.  In addition, he continues his advanced EEG training by partnering with top professionals in the field including Jay Gunkelman, QEEGD, and Dr. Joel Lubar, PhD.