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With the countless number of books, audio programs, seminars and life coaches, it’s not wonder why so many people feel they have tried it all and are still looking for the solution.
I’m here to tell you that there is hope when you look in the right places.
We have to, have to, have to start looking at the source of the problem and stop chasing our tail.  We don’t need to be so concerned with the symptoms, but where the symptoms are coming from.  The brain is the control center for everything in our body, including how we think, act and feel.  This is why people find the easiest way to solve their internal struggles or problems with a magic pill.  Sometimes these pills work, and sometimes they do not work.  However, the pills only mask the symptoms at best when it comes to mental, emotional, and cognitive aspects.  I’m not talking about blood pressure medication or something more medically based.  Instead, our focus in on people who have trouble sleeping, anxiety, poor focus, emotional instability, substance abuse, and so on.  We focus on areas of your life that have to do with your mind, brain and body’s nervous system where drugs are not the only solution.
But before we can really dig in and get started helping you change your life, we need a starting point.  More importantly, an objective starting point.  This is where thinking you can just change your thoughts will leave you frustrated and here’s why.  When you become stressed or worry, your mind signals your brain and your brain signals your body to go into the survival mode known as flight or fight.  When we evoke this all the time and for serious threats, or even when we get startled, a part of our brain shuts off, the prefrontal cortex.  This is our higher-level functioning part of our cortex, our outer brain.  This is where we execute all of our important behaviors in our daily life, from having impulse control, to having empathy and caring about others, to being logical and able to think things through.  Therefore, can you see the dots starting to connect, if you are stressed and this part of your brain isn’t working, it’s like you are trying to win the race on a bicycle when everybody else is in a race car.  However, don’t worry about this really, because just about everybody is stuck in high stress with limited use of their brain and their body’s nervous system in overdrive limiting their personal and professional life.
FACT:  In 11 years, working with people across the country, taking into account different cultures, time zones, lifestyles, pace of life, etc. I’ve only seen two people that were healthy as it relates to brain function and the body’s nervous system with stress.  What this means is that almost everybody is stressed, ignoring the warning signs of burnout and fatigue and hoping to push through just one more day not having to stop and fix what’s really broke. 
So, having a starting point to accurately know if your brain is balanced and working properly is essential if you are serious about creating a better more productive and happy life.  Also, knowing if your nervous system is locked in stress, sending signals back to your brain there is a continued problem creates a loop where you don’t even know you are stressed but your brain and body both perceive a threat. 
This isn’t a book, but a blog post, so I can’t go into the entire method of how we help people improve their lives.  However, what I can say is having a solid starting point is the key to success.  Once you know what is happening behind the scenes you know what you need to work on to have full use of your brain’s power and your mind’s processing power to then apply all the great self-help books and programs out there.  However, attempting to read the latest book or attend a seminar when in stress mode, is like trying to mediate and smelling smoke.  You are in survival mode, and relaxing and clearing your mind when you smell smoke isn’t an option, it’s making sure there is no fire or threat.  The same is true for when you have high stress and you want to further your life.  While it’s a great idea, if any part of your mind, brain or body sense a threat, you aren’t going to be using your full capacity and my not even absorb the direction, guidance or coaching being offered.
Watch my video about when I was a broke college kid attending a self-help seminar if you want to see how this all plays out and what I took from this seminar.  Spoiler alert for all of you that are too busy to watch it:  I was not in a position to learn new things when I was living in fear and high stress.  I even took notes that I didn’t remember taking and not much made sense.  We have to take baby steps and not have such outrageous goals that we can’t achieve them.  We have to know we are safe and give ourselves permission to learn new things, as change is not always welcomed in our mind.  Think about it this way, if we are being chased by a bear, do we care about being able to do Microsoft excel or be nice to somebody?  No, we need to survive, and if we perceive a threat, it’s just like a bear but not chasing us, we are in survival mode and not functioning with our full brain and mind’s abilities.
We offer the opportunity at our center to see your mind, brain and body’s nervous system in action.  You will leave with a sense of knowing instead of guessing how you health and stress levels are.  If you’ve tried everything else so far, remember, there is hope when you look in the right places.
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Kyle Ferroly

Kyle Ferroly is known as the “Mind Brain Dude” Kyle began his career by studying the mind for over 20 years and the brain for the past 11 years. He was always intrigued that, “The brain is the only organ that we don’t look at before we treat it.” – Dr. Daniel Amen Which is what led him to open his center in Wisconsin, “Mind Brain Balance”. “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” – Albert Einstein Through a unique way of seeing inside the brain, otherwise known as a Brain Map, you can see what is going on scientifically to a person’s brain waves. Kyle’s center has helped hundreds learn how to function and navigate through life effectively while under stress. Kyle has now made it his personal mission to teach the masses about this unique insight of why mental health is so important and how our brains react to stress. He has chosen to create this awareness globally to improve the quality of life for others.


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