Let’s explore the differences between a GPS and Google Maps/MapQuest.

Are you running your life from a realistic starting point?

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Kyle Ferroly

Kyle Ferroly is known as the “Mind Brain Dude” Kyle began his career by studying the mind for over 20 years and the brain for the past 11 years. He was always intrigued that, “The brain is the only organ that we don’t look at before we treat it.” – Dr. Daniel Amen Which is what led him to open his center in Wisconsin, “Mind Brain Balance”. “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” – Albert Einstein Through a unique way of seeing inside the brain, otherwise known as a Brain Map, you can see what is going on scientifically to a person’s brain waves. Kyle’s center has helped hundreds learn how to function and navigate through life effectively while under stress. Kyle has now made it his personal mission to teach the masses about this unique insight of why mental health is so important and how our brains react to stress. He has chosen to create this awareness globally to improve the quality of life for others.


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