Ditch the Pill, Learn the Skill

Fact:  In 11 years, working with people across the country, taking into account different cultures, time zones, lifestyles, pace of life, etc.…, I’ve only seen two people that were healthy as it relates to brain function and the body’s nervous system with stress.  What this means is that almost everybody is stressed, ignoring the warning signs of burnout and fatigue and hoping to push through just one more day not having to stop and fix what’s really broke. 
Our society doesn’t help with this, as we’re taught, “it’s all in our heads.”  While this is true, is the problem in our mind, our brain, or both?  What I’ve learned from the last 20 years studying the mind, and the last 11 years studying the brain, is that we “think” we know how we’re doing, but we also overlook small signs that our mind, brain and body are not working together for us, but against us.  We start to notice our sleep is off, we don’t focus, or we have a short fuse or temper.  We often find coffee to perk us up and other substances to bring us down.  Then, there is Netflix or YouTube, where we can bury ourselves for a few hours to avoid what we really should be working on, but I’ll let you fill in the blanks there.
The bottom line here is that we have a lot of stress and pills don’t fix it, they mask it.  If we are willing to ditch the pill and learn the skill, we can learn how to self-regulate our brain function, our mind’s programming of thoughts, beliefs and expectations, that trigger our brain to send signals to our body to prepare for battle.  Worse yet, the mere perception of a threat can trigger this just the same as if it’s a real life threat.  This is why people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder really are suffering and telling them to snap out of it is the worst advice you could ever give them or tell them.  What we perceive is real, is real to us, even if it is not real.
Learning how to calm your nervous system and regulate brain function can be life changing.  We’ve seen it for the past 11 years change lives and bring families together, help kids graduate, improve quality of life, and even help people get promoted.  Why such remarkable change you may ask?  Because when your brain and body aren’t regulated and balanced, you are not at your best.  You can make poor decisions that can impact both your personal and professional life.  When your brain is not on alert mode, and the higher level functioning areas are working properly, you have better impulse control, more empathy and emotional stability, can analyze and be logical, and not be living with a reactive mindset driven by threat or fear. 
If our mind is racing, and looking for problems, the chances our brain senses a threat are high.  If we learn to calm the mind and the brain, chances are we will not have such an over-activated nervous system from panic or fear, which calms us down and we have a longer fuse before we explode or become easily stressed at the smallest things.  We owe it to ourselves to take a peek behind the curtain of the perfect life we try to show others we have, and be real with ourselves. 
It is my mission to help you become aware of your mental and physical health as it relates to stress and how that impacts your daily life.  The field of Psychophysiology can offer clues to your real stress level vs what you think your stress is.  These tools can also help you regulate your mind, body and brain to not need to depend on drugs or other vices to remain ok enough to push through life.  You don’t have to struggle as much as you may be right now.  Let’s get to the root of your concern and stop chasing the symptoms.
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Kyle Ferroly

Kyle Ferroly is known as the “Mind Brain Dude” Kyle began his career by studying the mind for over 20 years and the brain for the past 11 years. He was always intrigued that, “The brain is the only organ that we don’t look at before we treat it.” – Dr. Daniel Amen Which is what led him to open his center in Wisconsin, “Mind Brain Balance”. “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” – Albert Einstein Through a unique way of seeing inside the brain, otherwise known as a Brain Map, you can see what is going on scientifically to a person’s brain waves. Kyle’s center has helped hundreds learn how to function and navigate through life effectively while under stress. Kyle has now made it his personal mission to teach the masses about this unique insight of why mental health is so important and how our brains react to stress. He has chosen to create this awareness globally to improve the quality of life for others.


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